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BLUE specialises in high-end dream trips. Experience the adventure you have always dreamed of; an unforgettable tailor-made experience for you and your loved ones. Every trip is unique, based entirely on your wishes. What does your dream trip look like?


About Irene

My name is Irene Welleman. With BLUE Travel, I organise the most exclusive travel experience down to the last detail for you and your travel companions. I am also at your service 24×7 for the duration of your trip, ensuring that you and your loved ones enjoy a memorable and carefree time. A journey that you will speak of for years to come. In my eyes, there are no impossible wishes. Give me carte blanche, and I will make your fondest dreams come true.

Expert in exclusive travel experiences

My travel ‘hunger’ has allowed me to see much of the world. My mission is to continue discovering the most beautiful yet unknown places and share them with you. I have been working in the luxury travel business segment for over 20 years now and have been operating as an independent travel specialist since 2015. BLUE Travel accepts a limited number of trips per year, so I can give each trip the undivided attention it deserves.

My approach is personal: we will discuss your wishes and requirements for your trip when and where it is convenient for you. This will give me the best impression of who you are and what journey will make you and your partner, family or friends happiest. Feel like travelling? I look forward to meeting you. Just call me!


Explore in luxury

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Searching for travel inspiration? Dream on with these adventure stories and discover how BLUE can realise your unique travel experience. These travel stories serve as an example. I do not work with travel packages; every trip is personalised. Examples are your ultimate luxury city trip to New York, an exclusive jungle retreat in the Amazon, or the safari of your dreams in Africa. Or perhaps you would rather take a culinary wine trip to California or go sailing on a luxury yacht in the Caribbean? Anything is possible. Please share your travel-related wishes with me.

BLUE in Africa

BLUE in the Jungle

Wine, Dine & Enjoy

Reizen is avontuur

Luxury & the City


BLUE & The Beach

Into the wild

VIP Service

Travel is all about the details. This is why BLUE will be at your service 24×7 on your dream trip. And of course, there is ample space for spontaneity. Want to book a last-minute table at the one restaurant that is so hard to get into? A VIP table at an exclusive nightclub on Ibiza? Or a fantastic local nanny? I will organise it for you.


24×7 attention to detail

With BLUE’s VIP service, I will ensure that your spontaneous requests in the course of your trip are realised immediately. Want to have a spontaneous pool party at your holiday villa?

Tell me more

I will organise a DJ and champagne. Want to hit the road? I will get you a luxury car with private driver. Your wish is my command.

BLUE’s Incentive Travel: You name it, I will organise it

BLUE Travel organises personalised high-end incentives and business trips. Every company is unique, and so are the incentives I offer. A perfectly organised bonus trip for your employees or relations, entirely according to your wishes. You name it, I will organise it. My approach is personal. You will communicate with me directly, and I personally ensure that your trip is organised down to the smallest detail.

With BLUE, I will make the travel experience unique, so everyone on the trip will remember it fondly for years. And of course, you will spend your days and nights in exclusive accommodations befitting the culture of your company. I will also ensure the logistics are perfectly organised from beginning to end. So your employees will only have to enjoy a memorable travel experience.


BLUE’s dream trips

Travel is that ultimate feeling of freedom when we escape our day-to-day lives and meet adventure head on and without a care in the world. We stand amazed at unknown cultures, people and mind-blowing landscapes. Let BLUE’s dream trips inspire you. Our dreamed stories of travel as we imagine it when daydreaming about the most beautiful and unforgettable trips. I would love to hear what your dream journey looks like.

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Did the dream story above inspire you to travel? BLUE will be pleased to make your ultimate travel fantasy come true. Anything is possible. Discuss your wishes during a personal meeting.